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2 days ago

5 days ago

The Natural Navigator goes on tour to tell you how to read water.

2 weeks ago

Put the date in your diary... On November 30th, Steve Bell is coming back to Bristol to do a lecture for us. Virgin on Insanity. His book is brilliant, you can buy it from Jagged Globe

1 month ago

Yeti Myth, Man or Beast. Sunday 29th May 2000hrs on C4. Featuring our very own, definitely not mythical but reputedly human, Mr Steve Berry (you know, the one with grey hair...)

1 month ago

It's all still going in Mulu, even after 38 years of exploration. Perhaps it's time for someone to come and tell us about the last few years' worth of discoveries.

1 month ago

Our 2016 Award winner, Joe Johnstone, is back from his travels and we're looking forward to hearing some of his stories next season. Meanwhile, you can take a look at his Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/joejohnstoneguiding