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Back in the USSR: Heroic Adventures in Transnistria

Rory MacLean on 21/01/2015 19:30

Advance: ?8.00 Door: ?8.50 Concession: ?7.50: Season ?88.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Rory Maclean (c) Nick Danziger

Rory MacLean is one of Britain's most innovative travel writers. His ten books, including UK best sellers 'Stalin's Nose', 'Under the Dragon' and most recently 'Berlin: Imagine a City', have challenged and invigorated the genre, and ? according to the late John Fowles ? are among works that 'marvellously explain why literature still lives'. He has won awards from the Arts Council of England and the Canada Council as well as a Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship, and was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary prize. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he divides his time between Berlin, Dorset and London where he is writer-in-residence at the Archive of Modern Conflict.


Rory, Nick Danziger and guides (including Vladimir Ilyich) researching ?Back in the USSR?? (c) Nick Danziger

Ian Fleming could not have imagined a better place to set his latest thriller: an upstart mini-state at the edge of Europe which looks to Lenin and Stalin for leadership, with a Facebook-savvy Cheryl Cole-lookalike foreign minister, a breathtakingly wealthy football club founded by KGB officers, and a retired general with private zoo and free-roaming anaconda. Is this wild and wacky Cold War fiction? No, it?s real, modern day Transnistria. Join Rory as he recounts his and photographer Nick Danziger?s remarkable journey to this unrecognised nowhereland ? and learn how to hunt wild boar with AK47s.

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