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Monty Halls on 18/02/2015 19:30

Advance: ?9.00 Door: ?9.50 Concession: ?8.50; Season ?88.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Monty & Reuben (c) Monty Halls

Monty Halls is an adventurer, a former Royal Marines Officer, a professional diver and a trained marine biologist. Monty has led teams through some of the most demanding environments. His adventures include discovering pre-historic settlements amid great white sharks, avoiding the bullets of poachers, and photographing a dangerous, rare crocodile underwater for the first time. A popular TV presenter, his two series of "Monty Halls? Great Escape" for the BBC won him a huge audience which grew with The Fisherman?s Apprentice, aseries in which he worked as a fisherman in Cornwall for a year. His latest series saw him seeking out the greatest mysteries of the ocean with a world class team of diving explorers, resulting in four programmes that aired in 2013.


Monty Halls diving (c) rich@divesolutions.co.uk

In 2013, explorer Monty Halls led a series of four international expeditions. Working With a team consisting of some of the most respected and experienced divers in the world, Monty set out to answer some of the great riddles that remain unanswered in underwater exploration. He describes the mission as "...simple, we wanted to solve some of the great enigmas of diving, mysteries lying on the ocean floor that have always baffled explorers and scientists. Their investigations took them to Egypt, to Japan, to the Great Lakes, and to Namibia. Monty described the experience as "an extraordinary undertaking, and an experience that none of us shall ever forget.? Come and hear all about it!

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