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Steep Skiing in Baffin?s Remote Arctic Fjords

Michelle Blaydon on 18/03/2015 19:30

Advance: ?8.00 Door: ?8.50 Concession: ?7.50: Season ?88.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Michelle Blaydon

After a long international career as a swimmer and professional triathlete Michelle moved into the world of adventure racing in 2000 and has been competing at an international level ever since. After taking part in the World Championships in 2000 in the beautiful province of Lijang, China, Michelle became hooked on adventure travel. In recent years Michelle has spent more time focusing on her other passion of ski mountaineering and ski adventure as she looks to challenge herself and further explore the mountains she loves. Balancing a hectic career in marketing, Michelle spends much of her spare time in the Alps where she can be found skiing, touring and climbing some of the beautiful steep peaks of the Chamonix valley in France.

Steep skiiing in Baffin Island. (c) Michelle Blaydon

On the 19th April 2014 a team of four skiers headed to the arctic community of Clyde River on the North East Coast of Baffin Island, Canada. The team's primary goal was to ski and explore one of the most dramatic and breathtaking areas on the planet Between the sheer large granite walls that rise directly from the frozen sea ice, the four adventurers climbed and skied some of the longest unbroken couloir lines in the world. Surviving unsupported on the ice for up to 5 weeks and braving temperatures as low as -40 degrees. This proved to be one extreme and wild adventure!

Michelle was our 2014 Wilderness Award winner.

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