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Caves of North East Greenland

Gina Moseley on 17/02/2016 19:30

Advance: £9.00, Door: £9.50, Concession: £8.50

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
Gina Moseley (c) Robbie Shone

Gina developed a love for caving during a family holiday to Cheddar when she was 12. Later, whilst studying Geography at Birmingham her underground interests developed into cave research, which developed further and led her here to Bristol to study for a PhD in sea-level reconstruction from Caribbean caves. The research won a number of awards. Gina's exploratory caving began around the same time with a student expedition to Crete, and has since been followed up with expeditions to Borneo, Libya, Turks and Caicos Islands, India, the Dolomites, Swiss and Austrian Alps, and France. Gina is currently undertaking cave research at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, where she is making the most of everything that the alpine life has to offer.


Gina Moseley caving under ice (c) Robbie Shone

After years of planning, Gina led a pioneering climate-change research expedition during the summer of 2015 to some of the remotest caves on the planet, located within the Arctic Circle of Northeast Greenland. As the winner of this year’s Wilderness Award, Gina will tell the exciting story of the expedition including what is thought to be the first crossing of Lake Centrum Sø, the team’s battle with hiking all the research equipment to the field site, and the findings of the cave research and exploration. This tale of mixing adventure with science will be accompanied with stunning visuals by National Geographic photographer Robbie Shone

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