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Russia and Europe: What Next?

John Pilkington on 04/10/2017 19:30

Advance £9.50, Door £10.00, Concession £9.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol
John Pilkington (c) John Pilkington

John is an old friend of Wilderness Lectures, and this will be his tenth talk for us. He’s often called “one of Britain’s greatest tellers of travellers’ tales”. After starting as an author and journalist he became a broadcaster with the BBC World Service and Radio 4, making travel documentaries and contributing to programmes such as ‘From Our Own Correspondent’. But it’s for his superbly illustrated talks that people know him best. He has spoken to over 1,000 audiences in six countries, and holds the Royal Geographical Society’s much-coveted Ness Award for popularising geography and the wider understanding of the world.


John Pilkington  (c) J Pilkington

Passions are running high in Ukraine and some breakaway parts of Moldova and Georgia. Vladimir Putin’s adventures in Ukraine took the West by surprise, but John thinks in some ways they followed a pattern that goes back more than a century to the time of the Tsars. In 2015 he met people on both sides of the disputed borders, and promises some surprising insights. There’ll be plenty to interest mountain lovers too, from the Carpathians to the Crimean coastal range and the Greater Caucasus.

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