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Head in the Clouds

Tim Pentreath on 21/03/2018 19:30

Advance £9.50, Door £10.00, Concession £9.00

Chemistry Theatre, University of Bristol

Tim Pentreath learnt to fly paragliders in South Wales in 1990 after reading about it in a windsurfing magazine. Twenty seven years later Tim is just as passionate about this amazing and eye-opening sport, and feels amazingly privileged to have been born in a time and place that has allowed him to enjoy the sport from its rudimentary beginnings to the high-tech yet still simple sport it is now.

Tim Pentreath flying (c) Tim Pentreath

Tim will be talking about his love of cross-country (XC) flying, where pilots use nothing but wind and thermals (and a fair dose of luck) to travel large distances across the country, as well as competitions and vol-biv flying where pilots fly with everything they need for multi-day flying and bivouacking trips.

He’s excited to have this opportunity to share some of the experiences and views he’s enjoyed over the years, and to hopefully leave the audience better informed, maybe keen to give it a go themselves, and at the very least, more willing to pick up hitchhikers with a large backpack carrying a “Glider Pilot, Lift Please!” sign.

Alex Coltman sends his apologies. He has been summoned to a work meeting that he can't avoid. He has asked his client to change the date but has not received a reply and therefore cannot commit to be with us on the 21st. We're very grateful to Tim for stepping into his shoes.

If you have a ticket and only wanted to hear Alex speak, we will of course refund you. Send your ticket back to us (address on our website) with a stamped addressed envelope and we'll send you a cheque)

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