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A double transit of the North West Passageā€¦ just

Bob Shepton on 09/10/2019 19:30


1532 Performing Arts Centre
Bob Shepton

Bob Shepton has been a Royal Marines Officer, a full time youth leader in the east end of London, and chaplain to two schools. Voyages include a circumnavigation of the world with school leavers via Antarctica and Cape Horn, several Tilman type expeditions to Greenland and the Arctic, sailing and making first ascents of mountains and rock climbs, fourteen Atlantic crossings and 140,000 miles of sailing. He discovered and pioneered climbing on the sea cliffs of Lulworth and Portland. Awards include the Blue Water Medal, Tilman Medal (twice), Barton Cup (twice), Goldsmith Medal for Exploration, Vasey Vase (three times) , Piolet d'Or 2011, Yachtsman of the Year 2013. He has written a book 'Addicted to Adventure'


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