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Underwater Adventures: Beneath the Frozen Surface

Andy Torbet on 18/12/2019 19:30

Adv £11. Door £12. Conc £10

1532 Performing Arts Centre
Andy Torbet (c) Andy Torbet

Andy is an extreme adventurer, presenter and zoologist. He is a highly qualified, experienced and respected cave, deep mixed gas and commercial diver as well as a freediver. He also holds some of the highest qualifications as a mountaineering and climbing instructor, caver and sea-kayaker.

After completing a degree in Zoology he spent 10 years in the British Forces as a Bomb Disposal Officer, Diver and Paratrooper on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. Since leaving the Forces he earned a living as a diving and climbing safety supervisor and expedition manager for the media and through his articles, talks and sponsorship as an adventurer.

As well as his own adventure and exploration projects and stunts, Andy was a presenter of BBC's Coast. After his specials on freediving around Scotland were so well received by BBC's Landward viewers he was been tasked with producing specials on sea-kayaking. His self-produced film on a solo cave diving project in the Cave of Skulls was also aired on the BBC's Adventure Show. In Summer 2012 he was involved filming in the arctic for BBC2's Operation Iceberg, and wrote his first book. Andy regularly writes for a number of diving, climbing and adventure magazines.


Andy had been involved in underwater exploration and adventures around the world for over 20 years. Narrowing down which ones to cover in his talk was made easier by the date. So this Festive period he’ll be covering some of his more wintery aquatic exploits. His dives into frigid waters have included exploring underwater in ice-caves at the bottoom of Blue Lakes, diving under icebergs in the Arctic Ocean, filming in the submerged passageways and chambers of abandoned mines in Finland and freediving under Alaskan lake ice or flooded crevasses in Greenland... and even the extremes of solo cave-diving in Scotland…in February. With in-water temperatures touching on -2 and air temperatures hitting -28 expect the talk to be cold, Christmassy and full of blue adventures.

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