The Wilderness Award

The 2015 Award Winner is Gina Moseley who is planning to go to Kronprins Christian land, Northeast Greenland to discover, explore, survey,
photograph and obtain climate samples from caves...

The Wilderness Award is a cash award made to a UK resident over the age of 18 who intends to travel overseas, returning before 31st January of the following year, to undertake an unusual and adventurous objective in a geographically remote wilderness area.

We very much regret that we are unable to accept applications from individuals who are taking part in organised trips, irrespective of the value of their charitable or environmental aims, nor is the Award intended to support student research activities, unless these contain a very high element of adventure.

The Award is made to a named individual but we recognise that it will often be shared amongst team members to benefit all members of an expedition.

The successful applicant will demonstrate a combination of enthusiasm and imagination. He or she will be expected to deliver a lecture in the Wilderness Lectures series in Bristol in the spring following their expedition (and should therefore expect to be able to support this lecture with appropriate photographic material).

The application will be expected to show clearly an idea with achievable objectives, good research, careful planning, minimal environmental impact and a commitment to follow the plan through. Referee's comments will be sought to confirm both the nature of the project and the applicant's character.

The closing date for the Award will be November 30th of each year, for expeditions taking place the following calendar year. For guidance, please see our latest Award guidelines. Our Award is now set at £650

The award is made by Wilderness Lectures.

Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships: The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust offers a limited number of travelling fellowships. These are prestigious awards and frequently include a category for explorers. Details can be obtained from the Trust's website.

Wilderness Awards have
been made to the following:

2015 Dr Gina Moseley

Gina and her colleagues plan to hike and explore the barren and difficult limestone terrain of Kronprins Christian Land in the Arctic Circle region of Northeast Greenland for the purpose of discovering, accessing, exploring, surveying, photographing and sampling caves. The samples will in to be used in construction of the first record of past climate change from caves in Greenland. .

2014 Michelle Blaydon Michelle and her companions set out to ski new lines in the remote fjords of Baffin Island.
2013 Jamie Maddison Jamie his friend Matt Traver recreated a journey made by the Anglo-Irish explorer Sir Charles Howard-Bury, to the Tien Shan; 30,000km overland through 22 different countries.
2012 James Bingham

James and his team mates attempted a first winter ascent of the Mir Samir in Afghanistan (19,878ft , 6,059m) the peak made famous by Eric Newby in his book "A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush".

2011 David Lewis and India Bourke

David and India's Danakil Expedition will take them to the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, where they aim to follow, by camel, in the footsteps taken by Wilfred Thesiger on his Awash Expedition in 1933-34.

2010 Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent & Kerry Burns

To circumnavigate the Black Sea on a pair of 1990's Honda C90 cub motorcycles, called Zulu and Ken. They covered c2600 road miles through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Abkhazia, Russia and the Ukraine.

2009 Matt Traver & Steve Beckwith

Matt Traver and Steve Beckwith received their award for an attempt on a new route on the unclimbed south-western face of Bukit Nenek Semukut, on Tioman Island, Malaysia.

2008 Felicity Aston

Felicity Aston and her companion, Jenny Pugh, travelled the length of Lake Baikal using skis, kites and crampons; a distance equivalent to travelling from Moscow to St. Petersberg.

2007 Alistair Carley-Smith

Alistair has received our award for his attempt to travel a section of Alexander the Great's "Great March" which took place from 333BC to 327BC. He will travell through Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iran.

2006 Rob Eavis

Rob was a member of the Sheffield University Speleological Society's expedition to the White Mountains of Crete.

2005 Martin Li

Martin set out to ride a mule across some of the most remote, rugged and beautiful wilderness in the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes.

2004 Michael Riddell

Michael was the winner of the 2004 Wilderness Award for his expedition to Dzungarian Ranges of S.E. Kazakhstan. This is a region of lowland coniferous forests, in the valleys, upland grass slopes and snow-covered peaks to 4600m.

2003 Jon Telling

'Hell Caves of Northern Thailand'. The exploration of cave systems containing toxic levels of carbon dioxide.

2002 Katie Moore

Katie planned and ran a 5-person expedition to canoe the Parapeti River in Bolivia's Santa Cruz Province.