A winter series of public lectures in Bristol the theme of which is world-wide adventure.

Our lecturers are well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, TV personalities, adventure sports personalities or anyone who has an epic story to tell and can enthral our audience with a rattling good yarn. The talks are invariably illustrated with slides and/or film.

You can buy tickets from each lecture page, they are all linked from What's On, follow the link from the menu at the top. 

Featured Speaker

Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca Lowe is a freelance journalist who specialises in human rights and the Middle East. She has written for the Guardian, BBC, Evening Standard, Independent, Huffington Post, Economist, Sunday Times Magazine, Daily Mail, and IranWire, plus numerous travel and sports publications. Her first book, The Slow Road to Tehran, was published in 2022 by September...

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We're delighted to announce that our 2024 Wilderness Award has been won by Kathryn Scott.

Kathryn is a doctor working in North Wales and will be going to Central Asia, cycling self-supported from Tashkent in Uzbekistan, crossing through Kyrgyzstan and finishing in Almaty in Kazakhstan between April and May 2024 for 6-8 weeks. Kathryn will be with two colleagues, Erin Linwood - a medical student and outdoor instructor from Gloucestershire, currently taking a year out of my medical degree to study an MSc in Global Health and Kat Green a junior doctor based in Glasgow.

This year, our Award has been augmented by Ellis Brigham with the grant of an additional £350 plus a discount on equipment. 

Thanks very much for all the applications. As usual, we have told the unsuccessful applicants that if they come back with a good story to tell, and good photographs, then we'll be very happy to consider paying them to give a talk in a forthcoming series.

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Upcoming Events

The Slow Road to Tehran

At the height of the Syrian War, as the refugee crisis reached its peak, Rebecca Lowe set off on her bicycle across the Middle East. Driven by a desire to learn more about this troubled region and its relationship with the West, Lowe’s 11,000-kilomet...

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Running 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain

When Elise set off to run 5,000 miles around the coast of Britain, self-supported and carrying her kit on her back, she truly couldn't have been less qualified to embark on such an adventure. Prior to the challenge her long-distance running career co...

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A Life of Adventure

Tom McLean is a man who has never said, 'this cannot be done'. Tom's exploits have made him a legend in his lifetime. Click on 'View' to read the details of his amazing career, then come along and hear him recount tales and anecdotes from his extraor...

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You can download a number of our documents here.

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Our past speakers list details all our lectures since Wilderness Lectures started operation, over 30 years ago. One of our favourite speakers was the mountaineer Doug Scott who set up charity, Community Action Nepal, to provide assistance to Sherpa communities. A gift aid form for C.A.N. is available here, if you would like to support the charity's work.