About Us

Since 1987 Wilderness Lectures has brought to Bristol the best and most exciting adventure lecturers around.

All are all widely travelled explorers and leaders at their own activity. They range from world-famous individuals to lesser-known adventurers but all are united in wonderful pictures and great stories from adventures all over the world

Our subjects range across the great adventure sports, like Himalayan mountaineering, as well as the full spread of minority sports and madcap activities; long distance walking and cycling, canoeing, trekking, ballooning, diving, caving, rafting and sailing all feature in our programmes. If someone has a good story with beautiful illustrations and human, adventure or environmental interest, then we'll present it as part of our programme.

Our audience ranges from armchair to active adventurers, from school-students to the retired. All are united by a sense of wonder and a willingness to open their minds to the experience of others; all are explorers in some way, whatever their age or background. If you live within travelling distance of Bristol and this description fits you, then please get in contact with us and ask to be added to our mailing list. If you think that you have a lecture that you would like to present, don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about yourself.

In memory of Bristol mountaineer Ginette Harrison, we support the activities of the Shiva Charity to build and maintain schools in Nepal.

We also offer our own annual cash award, the "Wilderness Award". So, if you are planning an expedition, please consider applying - it's a minimum bureaucracy award!

Wilderness Lectures is: Steve Berry, Steve Marriott and Dick Willis.