The Last of the Javan Rhino on 22nd February, 2023
by Toby Nowlan

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Toby's lecture is about his 2020 expedition to the Ujung Kulon rainforest, Java, Indonesia. He aimed to track, photograph and sketch the rarest large mammal on Earth, the Javan rhino. Working with local guides he travelled in the wet season to enable access by canoe into the rhino's core range, the jungle being dense and impenetrable on foot. This pristine and unpopulated forest is the rhino's last remaining home and the entire population reduced to just 60 individuals. The rhino face many challenges including poaching for its horn and human encroachment to the very edge of the protected national park. Toby's primary motivation was to film and use the images to raise widespread awareness and support for the protection of the species.

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Toby Nowlan

Since he was 19 Toby Nowlan has led exploratory expeditions in search of the world’s most endangered species. Exploration and adventure have always been at the heart of these expeditions, but his principal objective has been to help conserve the most threatened species and places on Earth. Over the last 8 years he has organised and led natural history filming expeditions to remote locati...

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