Amazon Uncharted on 18th January, 2023
by Lucy Shepherd

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Lucy Shepherd is a professional explorer at the forefront of modern exploration. From mountain ranges to tropical rainforests, to the Arctic tundra, she is plotting a thrilling, inimitable path for herself.

Her message? “Adventure is a mindset, not a moment.”

Although only 30, Lucy has been navigating her way in the exploration world for well over a decade. She made a mark on the global stage after successfully completing a crossing across an isolated part of the Amazon. A journey thought impossible. Lucy and her team of indigenous Amerindians spent 50 days moving through uncharted and untouched jungle, facing dangers every single day.

In this inspirational talk, Lucy explains why every one of us can benefit from harnessing the same Explorer's Mindset she has learnt to have. During her thrilling adventure accounts, she shares three core ingredients that have been invaluable for herself and her teams when moving through treacherous and inhospitable lands. Once armed with the tools needed to have this same mindset, no goal or challenge will ever feel too big again.

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Lucy Shepherd

Explorer Lucy Shepherd has been leading and partaking in expeditions around the globe for over a decade. Her expeditions have made her no stranger to the world’s toughest environments, from the arctic plateaus to the high mountains to the deep jungles. At a young age, Lucy discovered the power of film and storytelling to deeply move and inspire others, which led her to be made a Fellow o...

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