The Perimeter on 15th March, 2023
by Quintin Lake

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The Perimeter is a photographic journey of discovery based on walking 11,000km around the coast of Britain over five years with a tent. The aim of the project is to create a celebration of Britain’s diverse landscape from the fierce granite cliffs by Loch Nevis to the polite beach huts of Suffolk.

Completing the endeavour required overcoming a torn tendon, shin splints, getting stuck below cliffs on a rising tide and countless hours of enduring storm blown, freezing rain and night hiking in the short Scottish winters.

Editing the resulting images took a further two years of work, the very best of which I’ll show you in this talk.

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Quintin Lake

Quintin in a photographer of landscape and architecture with a particular inspiration from long journeys undertaken alone and on foot. Travels with the camera to over seventy countries have included accompanying mountaineers on sixteen first ascents in Greenland, Botanists on the discovery of a new species of orchid in the Peruvian Amazon and documenting vanishing rock art with archae...

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