Quintin Lake

About Quintin Lake

Quintin is a photographer of landscape and architecture with a particular inspiration from long journeys undertaken alone and on foot. His travels with a camera have taken him to over seventy countries and have included accompanying mountaineers on sixteen first ascents in Greenland, with botanists on the discovery of a new species of orchid in the Peruvian Amazon and documenting vanishing rock art with archaeologists in Lesotho.

In recent years his creative interest has been the British landscape. After undertaking a handful of long photo walks that included journeys from the source to the sea of the Severn and the Thames he was inspired to undertake his largest and most ambitious project to date: The Perimeter.

Quintin's work has been published and exhibited internationally and his awards include category winner of both Outdoor and Travel Photographer of the Year. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he wrote a column in Digital Camera magazine for 52 issues and in 2020 was named TGO Outdoor Personality of the Year.

Website: https://theperimeter.uk/