wilderness LECTURES

A winter series of public lectures in Bristol the theme of which is world-wide adventure.

Our lecturers are well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, TV personalities, adventure sports personalities or anyone who has an epic story to tell and can enthral our audience with a rattling good yarn. The talks are invariably illustrated with slides and/or film.

Featured Speaker

Anna McNuff (c) Paul Petch

Anna McNuff

Anna is an endurance athlete, adventurer and mischief maker. Once upon a time she represented Great Britain at rowing, but after ‘retiring’ in her mid twenties, she began darting around the world on the hunt for new and exciting endurance challenges. She has cycled over 20,000 miles in Europe and the Americas, including through all 50 states of the USA. She has also run the length of New Zealand, and has a penchant for rollerblading.

She has also spent a month cycling across Europe directed entirely by social media, run the length of Hadrian’s wall dressed as a Roman Soldier, and the length of the Jurassic Coast dressed as a dinosaur; as you do...

Passionate about the positive impact that adventure and sport can have on the lives of youngsters, Anna uses her human-powered journeys as a platform to inspire and enable kids to get outside, and get exploring.

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Coming Up Next...

Don't count the days, make the days count

Nick Butter - 01/11/2017 19:30

In 2018, Nick intends to set a new world record by running a marathon in every country in the world, 196 marathons in 550 days. His aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. It will take him 18 months to travel to all 196 countries, spending about 2.5 days per country. There will be war zones, the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antarctica. He intends to live simply, camping and sleeping in peoples' homes. He'll be leaving on January 6th, 2018. This talk will be about Nick's experiences to date, about time, courage and failure, about perseverance and determination, how to value the time we have on our planet and about how everyone, regardless of age, background, and commitments can excel at anything they put their minds to. Oh yes, and how he plans to achieve this extraordinary feat.

Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains

Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent - 15/11/2017 19:30

‘Remote, mountainous and forbidding, here shamans still fly through the night, hidden valleys conceal portals to other worlds, yetis leave footprints in the snow, spirits and demons abound, and the gods are appeased by the blood of sacrificed beasts’

A mountainous state clinging to the far north-eastern corner of India, Arunachal Pradesh – meaning ‘land of the dawn-lit mountains’ - has remained uniquely isolated. Steeped in myth and mystery, not since pith-helmeted explorers went in search of the fabled ‘Falls of the Brahmaputra’ has an outsider dared to traverse it. Travelling some 2,000 miles from the jungles of Assam to snowy Himalayan passes, in early 2016 Antonia set out to chronicle this forgotten corner of Asia. On the way she met shamans, hunters and lamas, attended fantastic tribal gatherings, uncovered little known stories from the Second World War and discovered a world and a way of living that are on the cusp of vanishing forever.

The Adventure Game - a cameraman's tale

Keith Partridge - 29/11/2017 19:30

As one of the world’s most experienced adventure cameramen Keith’s journey to work may well kick-off with a heart-stopping abseil through vertical jungle, a helicopter winch-line onto an icy mile-high mountain face or a close encounter with some of the world’s most iconic wildlife. With camera in hand he has made the most challenging, spectacular and remote places on the planet his ‘office’ during his freelance career filming for cinema productions and broadcast.

His sideways look at the ‘extreme’ takes us on journeys through a variety of projects and extraordinary locations with stories from behind the scenes. Presentations examine just what it takes to capture the essence of adventure from some of the most outrageous situations and camera positions imaginable.