wilderness LECTURES

A winter series of public lectures in Bristol the theme of which is world-wide adventure.

Our lecturers are well known explorers, mountaineers, travel writers, TV personalities, adventure sports personalities or anyone who has an epic story to tell and can enthral our audience with a rattling good yarn. The talks are invariably illustrated with slides and/or film.

Featured Speaker

Kev Reynolds (c) Kev Reynolds

Kev Reynolds

Condemned as a failure, Kev Reynolds left school at age 15 without a single qualification, but found a sense of freedom and adventure among mountains. With a lack of interest in money or career, he drifted through a variety of jobs until he was commissioned to write a guide to the Pyrenees. Becoming 'self-unemployed' he soon discovered that researching and writing guidebooks gave the perfect excuse to spend several months each year among the world's most scenically dramatic places. Now with more than 50 titles to his name, he reckons he is the Man with the World's Best Job, with no intention to retire.

As well as producing guidebooks, Kev has managed to climb (with an appalling lack of talent or ability) in the Atlas, Turkey and Russian Caucasus, trek in the Andes and numerous parts of the Himalaya, and spend unnumbered weeks among the mountains of Europe, all at someone else's expense. Is he a Con Man - or just plain lucky?

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Coming Up Next...

In Some Lost Place, the Ascent of the Mazeno Ridge.

Sandy Allan - 08/03/2017 19:30

In what was has been described as the ‘Climb of the Century’ Sandy Allan and Rick Allen reached the summit of Nanga Parbat, the world’s 9th highest mountain at 6pm on the 15th July 2012, having made the much-coveted first complete ascent of the Mazeno Ridge, an epic experience described in his book In Some Lost Place. The complete west-southwest or Mazeno Ridge is a monstrous undertaking with over 7 summits above 7000 meters to the junction with the 1976 Schell Route, then via the upper section of this to the Nanga Parbat summit.

The Mazeno was a well known mountaineering challenge and thought to be one of the longest unclimbed arêtes on any 8000m peak. It lies a staggering 13 kilometers from the Mazeno pass at 5,377m, is extremely committing and is unescapable. In 2013, the ascent was awarded the highly coveted Piolet d’Or mountaineering award.

On foot across Lake Khuvsgul (Khuvsgul Nuur)

Joe Johnstone - 22/03/2017 19:30

Joe was our Wilderness Award winner for 2016. He'll be telling the story of his successful solo unsupported crossing and return crossing of the frozen Lake Khuvsgul (Khuvsgul Nuur) in Mongolia, a total journey length of c300km which he carried out on foot. During the journey he photographed, filmed and interviewed local people to gain a snapshot of the winter way of life for those currently living on the shores of the lake where climate change and worsening ice conditions are reducing the use of the winter trade routes across the ice.