John Ruthven

About John Ruthven

John Ruthven is the only producer to work full time on both 'Blue Planet I and II' series. He has worked extensively in science and history documentaries, and his career highlights range from producing iconic images of blue whales to directing drama inside a WW2 U boat or following venomous snakes throughout Asia. He specialises in wildlife and conservation films, but also expedition, adventure documentary, and presenter-led science shows, historical drama reconstruction, radio and on-line media as well as corporate productions. He enjoys developing story ideas for films, for which he finds being able to sketch out a show with his own video editing helps greatly to focus the project and develop it with a wider team. He organises the logistics and crew for completion of filming projects on budget and on time, particularly in challenging locations. Sometimes this is by being part of a larger team and sometimes, on smaller projects, just himself and one or two others. John is interested in technological innovation and has helped design deep sea camera systems. Recently he wrote the book, ‘The Whale In The Living Room,’ which is about how stories of the ocean’s animals get to your TV. In truth it’s also because as he gets older, he needs to find new directions for work. John has a PhD in tarantula spiders which he says he has always found very useful.

Website: http://www.youtube.com/c/IndoonaOceans