Whale in the Living Room on 10th April, 2024
by John Ruthven

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We're delighted that we have been able to reschedule John's talk.

So often we are told that the world is endangered. John says that he hardly raises an eyebrow when he hears that such and such an animal is on the brink of extinction – they all are to some degree. So, in his talk it will be refreshing to visit what American marine conservationist, Sylvia Earle, calls the ‘Hope Spots’ of the ocean – special places that are scientifically identified as critical to the health of the ocean, with an abundance of life, and still showing an echo of what the ocean was like in the past. John has been lucky enough to have dived in many of them and he would like to take you with him on a worldwide virtual diving experience to visit some of these ocean Hope Spots.

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John Ruthven

John Ruthven is the only producer to work full time on both 'Blue Planet I and II' series. He has worked extensively in science and history documentaries, and his career highlights range from producing iconic images of blue whales to directing drama inside a WW2 U boat or following venomous snakes throughout Asia. He specialises in wildlife and conservation films, but also expedition, ad...

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